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Fundamentals of Digital Imaging in Medicine. Author(s). Roger Bourne. Book Topic: Radiography. In general, image processing texts are intended for students .

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Experiments include design of logic circuits, using discrete and integrated circuit components.


Electromagnetic waves-theory, production, propagation, and detection; applied optical techniques; modern physics, relativity and its implications, the Bohr atom; elements of atomic and nuclear structure; radiation and its measurement are examined. This class covers all the basic principles of the functioning of the INTEL microprocessor family. Machine and Assembly languages are analyzed as they apply to the instruction written in the microprocessor.

This course teaches students how to use high quality amateur telescopes including optics, the use of setting circles, mounting, and astrophotography. Celestial coordinate systems equaloria are also taught.

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Classification and systems of forces, their resultants, geometric and analytical conditions for equilibrium, frames, trusses, moments of inertia, rotation of a rigid body, principles of work, energy and impulse and momentum are studied in this course. The kinetics of rigid bodies detailing the effects of forces, work, energy, impulse, and momentum, including mechanical vibrations are explored in this course.

The operational definitions of heat, internal energy, entropy, absolute temperature are developed along with the theory of specific heats. Thermodynamic functions and relations are applied to heat engines and other physical systems and kinetic theory of gases, viscosity, and conductivity are included. Circuit theory, techniques of electrical measurements, principles and operation of solid state devices, such as junctions diodes, bipolar transistors. The course provides an understanding of the electronics applied to various fields. Particular attention is given to the practical aspects of interfacing a computer to various instruments including timing issues, real-time data acquisition and instrument control, instrument status, and acquisition speed.

This course examines electrostatic fields in vacuum and material media, magnetostatic fields, electromagnetic induction, magnetic fields in matter, Maxwell's equations, propagation of electromagnetic waves, in free space and matter, reflection, and radiation, guided waves. This course examines electrostatic fields in vacuum and material media, magnetostatic This course provides students with the opportunity to present the results of original research conducted as part of their studies in the program or literature research of current or special topics and to attend talks given by professionals in different physics related fields.

The students will learn how to undertake scientific communication about research projects and results with colleagues and the general public. Four different areas of optics are studied in this course, wave optics polarization, diffraction, and interference , geometric optics lenses, mirrors, and optical instruments , quantum and coherent optics lasers and fiber optics.

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This course considers the discovery and nature of radioactivity, nuclear decay processes, determination of half-life, interaction with various forms of matter, instrumentation and detection principles, radioactive dating and tracing procedures, sources of environmental exposure, and effects on the human body and materials. This course is designed to give the upper level physics students a basic understanding of quantum physics, including black body radiation, the photoelectric effect, the uncertainty principle, one dimensional Schroedinger equation, the quantum mechanical oscillator, the hydrogen atom and other selected topics.

Discussion of theory and applications, including problems and demonstrations are conducted. This course covers the theoretical foundations of newtonian mechanics of particles and systems. Various mathematical tools of theoretical physics to understand Lagrange's and Hamilton's approaches to the study of mechanical systems. Topics covered include the theory of small oscillations and mechanical waves, rigid bodies, stability, linearization methods, forced vibrators and perturbation theory, fluids and mechanics of continuous media.

This course is designed for students who with to pursue a career in the health professions or who have an interest in applied physics problems.

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  • Molecular Aspects of Iron Metabolism in Pathogenic and Symbiotic Plant-Microbe Associations.
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A variety of applied physics techniques in medicine are covered including, medical imaging, X-ray, CAT scans, MRI, PET, and ultrasound imaging , fiber optics, medical lasers nuclear medicine, and other applications. As seniors, students should provide evidence that they can perform at a level required by current industry standards or expected by graduate programs from their incoming students.

This course presents an introduction to the physical characteristics, structure, and evolution of the stars, nuclear processes, and the formation of the elements in the stellar interior, the interstellar medium, and the distribution of stars in space. This is a course individually designed to provide undergraduate students with training in Physics research. A project is undertaken under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member.

Written reports and a final paper are required.

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Correlated student laboratory experiments for most areas cited in Physics are presented in this course. Instruction includes structured and open-ended lab experiments with recitation. Instruction includes structured and open-ended lab. Experiments with recitation are performed to verify or discover the principles of physics. Correlated student laboratory experiments for most areas cited in Physics are performed to verify or discover the principles of physics.

Experiments with recitation.

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Correlated student laboratory experiments for most areas cited in physics are performed to verify or discover the principles of physics. Use of computer software packages to simulate and analyze complex circuits. Correlated student laboratory experiments for most areas cited in Physics are performed in this course. Introduction includes structured and open-ended laboratory experiments with recitation to verify or discover the principles of optics. Students use of computer software packages to simulate and analyze complex optical systems. Courses Offered in Physics.

Photo of molecular model. Courses offered by the Physics Department.


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