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Fundamentals of Digital Imaging in Medicine. Author(s). Roger Bourne. Book Topic: Radiography. In general, image processing texts are intended for students .

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Recipes can accomplish very simple tasks, such as installing or uninstalling software, or they can be used to perform more complex tasks, such as assembling and configuring multiple software components across your network so they all work together. As you can imagine, Esri runs ArcGIS software in many different environments to test it, improve its performance, and support customers.

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Using Chef has saved considerable time and effort and has reduced the stress of constantly installing, uninstalling, updating, and maintaining all Esri machines running ArcGIS. Chef has proved to be a dependable and repeatable solution for automating ArcGIS deployments.

Start Cooking with the ArcGIS Chef Cookbooks

The listings that accompany this article demonstrate how easily you can modify and use recipes. You can use this recipe not only for your initial configuration but later when you have added another ArcGIS Server to your deployment. Read the next article in this issue.

  • Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care.
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