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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Navy and with it U.


Marine Corps until 18 September when, with the introduction of the Tri-Service aircraft designation system, all Crusader s still in service were redesignated F J57 1. Reasonator Scholia Statistics.

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It indicates the ability to send an email. Like most every other pilot who ever strapped on a Crusader, Ron Knott says it was the best airplane he ever flew. The photo-Crusaders were the only reconnaissance aircraft in the Navy at the time capable of surviving low-level missions in the high-threat environment over Cuba. The RF-8s would go on to provide the backbone of tactical photoreconnaissance for the fleet throughout the coming conflict in Vietnam.

A great aircraft must have that touch of genius which transcends the good, and it must have luck—the luck to be in the right place at the right time. It must have flying qualities above the average; reliability, ruggedness and fighting ability; and, in the final analysis, it needs the skilled touch of crews to whom it has endeared itself.

As the last all-gun U. Navy fighter to achieve production, the Crusader ranks as one of the true greats in aviation history—not only as a combat airplane, but also as a technological achievement.

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Though the Corsair was still in production in , the end was in sight. Vought needed a major success if it was to remain a player. The entire wing, other than the outer folding section and control surfaces, was a gas tank, with other tanks installed throughout the fuselage. In the end, the wing-body shape was so right that the Crusader was a generation ahead of its competition.

Mating a high-performance fighter like the Crusader to a carrier deck was the real challenge. Coupled with full-span leading-edge slats and drooping ailerons, this allowed the fuselage to remain at an angle that gave the pilot sufficient visibility for a carrier landing, while not forcing loads onto the landing gear that would result in the usual weight escalation for naval aircraft in this area. The prototype first flew on March 25, , powered by the Air Force version of the J57, which provided less thrust than the definitive Navy version.

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In comparison to the F, the Crusader had longer range, faster climb, more rapid rate of roll, a smaller turning radius at all speeds and heights, as well as lower landing speed and a shorter landing run. So few changes were found necessary that the third Crusader delivered was the first full-production aircraft. The only visible alteration was the addition of a flight refueling probe on the left side of the forward fuselage, resulting in a bulge that actually added to aerodynamic smoothness.

The other major change was adding the capability to use the Sidewinder missile. On August 31, , Commander R. He pushed the throttle forward as he entered a kilometer course and set a national speed record of 1, mph, an achievement for which he was awarded the Thompson Trophy. The Crusader had to come down from 35, feet to 25, feet and slow to mph to refuel three times from North American AJ-2 Savage tankers, and was actually flying in full afterburner at Mach 1.

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Glenn Jr. Vought topped off a winning year in December when it won the Collier Trophy for having designed the Crusader.

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The F8U-2s received the more powerful JP engine, which required adding two ram air intakes in the extreme rear fuselage to cool the hot afterburner, and ventral fins for supersonic stability. In the Crusader went to war in Vietnam. On October 9, , the F-8E finally met the fighter it had been designed to defeat. Below, the Douglas A-4 Skyhawks they were tasked with escorting dodged the opening bursts of North Vietnamese flak. Air Combat Control warned of enemy aircraft in the area. Moments later, the threat became real as four silver delta-winged shapes flashed past.

Commander Richard M. He felt a wave of adrenaline as he passed easily through Mach 1 and closed with the target.

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The pilot of the trailing MiG saw his nemesis approaching and tried to maneuver away. Hit in the rear fuselage, the MiG erupted in a fireball. Dick Bellinger steps out of the cockpit after a mission in Peter B. Mersky Collection. At least three F-8Es were lost to MiGs. The Crusader remained in first-line U. Navy service until , when the last of the Oriskany -class carriers was decommissioned.