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The Three Struggles of Creative People

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Motivating People to Participate 1. What motivates people to engage on the Social Web? Some Americans giving up friends, sex for internet: survey One in five Americans say they're having less sex to spend more time on the internet, text messaging and similar technologies, a new survey suggests.

Even higher ratios of U. Typologies of Participation Questions: Which different types and intensities of participation can you identify?

Activities 9 Participation 12 Other sites focus on dating services, career-oriented social networking, or quot;life sharing. Survey 16 Survey In order to find analyze current trends with more authority, the author conducted a survey and people responded This is a large enough number of respondents to speak to trends in participatory behavior. Other motivations, which were added by people who took the survey: quot;It enables one to live internationally and still maintain a sense of friendship, when there aren't many people you know in your new country. Social platforms keep me in touch with young members of my family in Scotland nieces in their early 20s; I am cool old auntie, Scottish and live in England.

Though egalitarianism is the general rule, most peer networks have an underlying structure, where some people have more authority and influence than others. But the basic rules of operation are about as different from corporate command- and-control hierarchy as the latter was from the feudal crafts shop of the pre-industrial economy. Participants added activities like informing others, organizing, researching, chatting, debating, creating art, and developing community. It is significant that remixing was listed as least frequent activity on the Social Web. First, remixing requires a certain degree of skill in the use of social tools, and second, the importance of the remix may simply be overestimated due to the centrality of the creative commons debates led by Lawrence Lessig and many others.

It is possible, but not substantiated by this study, that most artists create their work alone with the use of the remix. Survey: Reasons for participation 23 Will people will visit more often if they see photos of their peers? Other reasons for participation included: quot;The number of my real-world friends who are using them.

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The amount of cooperation found on the site. The real life talk about the site and number of real life local people in my real life social sphere using the site, affects the degree to which I use it. Importing and exporting my stuff to and from other services. In other words, the ease with which this service allows me to switch to another service, but ALSO the ease with which it allows me to import my data from other services.

Ease of locating my contacts from other networks in this service importing contacts. Sometimes I participate because of a social imperative - i am excluded from a conversation if I don't participate.

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When using a site, respondents cared most of all about the amount of spam that they receive, followed the quality of the user interface and the topical orientation of the site and the transparency of the ownership and privacy rules of the site. Also the tone, passion, and personality of the posts on the site mattered tremendously.

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently | HuffPost Life

Users cared quot;somewhatquot; about the ability to share videos and photos with others and the values or ethics of the company who offers the service, the number of ads on the site and the ease with which this service allows them to switch to another service. Most respondents in this survey did not care about the social class or gender of others on a given social site.

Motivations 32 In one sense, creative people have no problem with motivation. We fall in love with our creative work and pursue a career that allows us to do what we love every day. Psychological research confirms what we know in our hearts: we are at our most creative when we are driven by intrinsic motivation —working for the sheer joy of it, regardless of rewards. Focusing on extrinsic motivation —such as money, fame, or other rewards—can kill your creativity.

You may be determined not to sell out, but selling yourself short can be just as damaging. And when it comes to public recognition, comparisonitis and professional jealousy can consume far too much of your creative energy.

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You need money to enjoy your life and to fund your projects. You may not need to be famous, but you do need a good reputation within your professional network. Since creative coach Mark McGuinness has helped hundreds of creatives like you to overcome these challenges.

Motivation for artists and creatives

In his latest book, Motivation for Creative People , Mark helps you rise to these challenges and create a fulfilling and rewarding creative career. All the solutions he shares have been tested with real people in real situations, including ways to:. Motivation for Creative People is the perfect guide to figuring out your different motivations and how they affect your creativity and career.

If you are serious about succeeding in your creative career—while staying true to your inspiration—read Motivation for Creative People. Mark McGuinness is a rare cat—part poet, part coach for creative professionals, part old-time, overeducated Brit who thinks deeply about stuff you and I have never heard of.