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LN2 property represents the natural logarithm of 2, approximately 0. LOG10E property represents the base 10 logarithm of e, approximately 0.

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LOG2E property represents the base 2 logarithm of e, approximately 1. This function is called by the String. NaN : The Number. NaN property represents Not-A-Number. Equivalent of NaN. The initial value is "Error". The Error object's default property is number.

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  4. PI property represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, approximately 3. Collator constructor. DateTimeFormat constructor.

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    ListFormat instances. NumberFormat constructor. PluralRules constructor. RelativeTimeFormat constructor. Module constructor. As with all constructors, you can change the constructor's prototype object to make changes to all Array instances. For example, you can add new methods and properties to extend all Array objects. This is used for polyfilling , for example. Memory constructor. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions. MatWeb's database is comprised primarily of data sheets and spec sheets supplied by manufacturers and distributors - let them know that you saw their material data on MatWeb.

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    All Proximity Sensors are on. System Message. Featured Material: Display Glass. Advertise with MatWeb!

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    Data sheets for over , metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. Example 12 Unset a data object. The following example shows John Jones leaving the company. Example 13 Unset a referenced data object.

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    The following removes the 'employeeOfTheMonth' from the company. If this were a containment relationship then the employee would be removed from the company probably not a good idea to sack your best employee each month! Example 14 Access via property index. Data object properties can be accessed via their property index using array syntax. The property index is the position at which the property's definition appears in the model in this case the xml schema.

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    We can see from the schema listing above that the company name attribute is the second company property the SDO interface makes no distinction between XML attributes and elements. The following sets the company name to 'Acme', with the same result as Access via property name. Using the index directly in this way is likely to be fragile. Normally the property name syntax should be preferred, but the property index may be required in special cases.

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    Example 1 Access via property name Data object properties can be accessed using the object property access syntax. Example 2 Access via property name as array index We can also access properties using associative array syntax. Example 3 Data Object iteration We can iterate over the properties of a data object using foreach. The 'manager' property is not output, because it has not been set. Example 4 Access many-valued property by name Many-valued data object properties can also be accessed using the object property name syntax.

    Example 5 Many-valued element access We can access individual elements of many-valued properties using array syntax. Example 6 Many-valued property iteration Many-valued properties can also be iterated over using foreach. Example 7 Chained property access We can chain property references on a single line.

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    Both these examples get the second employee from the first department.