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Raspberry Pi is a small computer that fits snugly in your hand.

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Raspberry Pis have an interesting naming convention. They are categorized by a combination of model name and generation. Each model is differentiated by available connectors and the size of the main board. There are various generations built so far, which are largely categorized by numbers from 1 to 3. Each generation is mainly differentiated by the chip performance. However, its smaller size allows it to fit into more spaces, which makes it useful for building devices that are space- and power-constrained. So, having multiple models to choose from increases your options for your project.

Instead, it runs a version of Linux called Raspbian. Once you plug in the micro SD card with Raspbian installed and turn on the Raspberry Pi, you get the following loading screen:. As you can see, the desktop looks just like a regular desktop on your large PC.

By default, you get a web browser, terminal, image viewer, calculator and many more features. The process of installing a software is also quite simple. You can utilize the apt-get command, a popular Linux command to install software from various repositories, to install any available software.

Raspberry Pi - The Complete Manual (Paperback, 8th edition)

For example, sudo apt-get install scratch2 will install the popular scratch programming language. Browse around various repositories and StackOverflow, and you will soon realize you can do just about anything with these devices.

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Ok, so now you have a small computer that runs a bunch of free software. What can you actually do with it? My students loved how they could visually and physically interact with their own code. You can see the video of the project here:. Using the same device, we also built a calculator, gaming device, weather station and much more.

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I found them a very useful and cost efficient way to teach introductory programming to young students. I plan to cover the details of my curriculums in an article some other time. Language: English Country: United Kingdom. The Raspberry Pi has reignited interest in bare-metal computing in schools.

As a platform for open-source software, it has also inspired millions of people to try Linux. Have a go with this innovative gadget and practise your skills with the help of our creative projects.

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The Complete Manual series is the perfect compact companion, and even though it's small in size, it packs in everything you should ever need! Featuring: Meet the Raspberry Pi family - Tour all the current models to find out which one will suit your needs best. Getting started - Take your first steps, from setting up to mastering the absolute basics.

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