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Repression And Mobilization

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Defense mechanism - Suppression and Repression

Recent events—from the collapse of Leninist regimes in Eastern Europe to the democratization of South Asian and South American states—have profoundly changed our ways of understanding and studying contentious politics, particularly the relationship between state repression and political mobilization. Together these essays synthesize what we know about repression and mobilization and provide thoughtful insight for the future.

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Table of Contents. Cover Download Save. Contents pp. This intolerance is manifested through discriminatory policies, human rights violations , police brutality , imprisonment , extermination , exile , extortion , terrorism , extrajudicial killing , summary execution , torture , forced disappearance and other punishments against political activists, dissidents, and population in general.

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When political repression is sanctioned and organized by the state, situations of state terrorism , genocide and crimes against humanity can be reached. Systematic and violent political repression is a typical feature of dictatorships , totalitarianisms and similar regimes. In these regimes, acts of political repression can be carried out by the police and secret police , the army, paramilitary groups and death squads.

Sometimes regimes considered democratic exercise political repression and state terrorism to other states as part of their security policy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Extrajudicial killing and Politicide.

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Repression and Mobilization

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