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Contextual Capture, a key feature of the WireX Network Forensics Platform, is designed to turn every SOC member into a valuable analyst by providing easy-to-use forensics history for periods of months using a unique and intuitive query interface. WireX NFP also creates investigation workflows that can be used by the entire security team to accelerate alert validation and incident response.

Endpoints-and the users behind them-are on the front lines of the battle: Together they represent the most significant entry points for attackers obtaining a toehold into the corporate network. Users are also the best detection tool organizations have against real threats, according to the SANS Threat Landscape survey.

Read on for more detail on the types of attacks occurring and their impact on organizations and their security. This paper provides a multifaceted security approach for securing infrastructure systems that are being targeted by attackers and malware. It is easy, while evaluating attack vectors, researching competitors and gauging the threat from organized crime or foreign adversaries, to conclude that external attacks should be the primary focus of defense.

This conclusion would be wrong. The critical element is not the source of a threat, but its potential for damage. This survey highlights the importance of managing internal threats as the key to winning at cyber security.

As cloud computing services evolve, the cloud opens up entirely new ways for potential attacks. This paper explores the potential security challenges enterprises face as they migrate to any kind of cloud setup and offers guidance to ensure a smooth migration to new solutions. We annually gather and analyze raw data from hundreds of IT and industrial control systems ICS security practitioners. Our mission is to turn these inputs into actionable intelligence to support new developments and address trends in the field to inform the crucial business decisions.

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Here we report on these trends and other changes that make active use of ICS as a core enabler for business imperatives and provide actionable advice for today's security practitioners. Failure to meet legal and political expectations for data security can expose your enterprise to fines, lawsuits, negative publicity and regulatory investigations.

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These expectations are rapidly evolving across the world, making it difficult for enterprises to effectively protect their brands. This white paper reveals the major steps a large, multinational enterprise can take to assure the public, authorities and business partners that it is behaving responsibly and is on a commendable path of compliance. Today's increasingly dynamic cloud environments present new challenges to security practitioners. With security talent in short supply, tailoring old policy-and-logs approaches to the needs of an organization can require time and resources it just doesn't have.

Building secure web applications requires more than testing the code to weed out flaws during development and keeping the servers on which it runs up to date. Public-facing web apps remain the primary source of data breaches. Overall, the results of Incident Response survey were very promising. Organizations are building IR teams that suit their environments and their unique set of issues. Malware still looms as the root cause of a large majority of incidents; and IR teams still suffer from a shortage of skilled staff, lack of ownership and business silo issues.

Read on to examine the results of the survey and guidelines and feedback to spur improvements.

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The growth in custom applications in the cloud has increased organizations' security exposure. Although more organizations want to test and remediate during development, this doesn't address the thousands of existing, potentially vulnerable, apps already online.

Modern web scanners can help by highlighting areas of likely vulnerability. Their speed and automation can make them a valuable part of a multilayered scanning and monitoring program. The cloud has significantly changed corporate application development. Now that releases come every few days rather than once or twice a year, AppSec is now squeezed into tiny windows of time. The speed, repetitiveness and changes in responsibility associated with these changes make it hard for traditional approaches to work.

What are the choices and best practices for security within AppSec? How can you leverage the cloud to work for you? Attend this webcast and be among the first to receive access to the associated whitepaper developed by Adam Shostack. Network infrastructure is the key business asset for organizations that depend on geographically dispersed data centers and cloud computing for their critical line-of-business applications. Consistent performance across links and between locations must be maintained to ensure timely access to data, enabling real-time results for decision making.

The following pages provide guidance on how to approach common challenges faced by both the network and security operational teams in managing interrelated security and performance problems. The primary strengths of security operations centers SOCs are flexibility and adaptability, while their biggest weakness is lack of visibility.

Survey results indicate a need for more automation across the prevention, detection and response functions. There are opportunities to improve security operations, starting with coordination with IT operations. SOCs can improve their understanding how to serve the organization more effectively and their use of metrics. Why are our traditional email and endpoint security tools failing us?

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First, most email deployments lack any authentication of outside senders. Clearly, given the prevalence of email-borne threats, protecting email infrastructure and end users needs to be a high priority for all security teams today.

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Deception is an effective defense against targeted attacks that leverages a false map of cyber assets to boost the odds of finding an adversary early and mitigate overall damage. The adversary is tricked into a cyber rabbit hole of fake systems with fake libraries and DNS servers, counteracting the attacker's every move.

In this review, SANS Fellow Eric Cole recounts his review of illusive networks' deception and protection capabilities to show cyber deception in action. There's a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt around replacing antivirus with next-generation antivirus solutions, particularly in legacy environments. Learn what NGAV actually is; where it fits into the IT infrastructure; and how to easily utilize CrowdStrike's Falcon cloud-based services against a variety of threats first-generation AV normally wouldn't catch. Results just in from our new SANS Threat Hunting Survey show that, for many organizations, hunting is still new and poorly defined from a process and organizational viewpoint.

Are the prevention, detection, response and prediction functional groups operating in unison with shared data and workflow, or are they remaining true to the tradition of operational silos in most technology groups? In this survey, we analyze satisfaction with staffing levels, tools and management-support architectures to help provide best practices and guidance for IT security practitioners.

Just how scalable, fast and accurate are SIEM tools when under load? To find out, we put the LogRhythm 7. We found that its clustered Elasticsearch indexing layer supported large log volumes of security and event data during simulated events that would require investigation and remediation.

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Security Operations Centers are increasingly important in today's enterprises - they protect against intrusions, damaging DDoS attacks and data security breaches, as well as help with investigation and remediation. But how can midsize enterprises get the same SOC advantages as their large enterprise peers? Attackers are always changing their methods, but some cybersecurity trends are clear--and identifying these trends will help security professionals plan for addressing these issues in the coming year. Attacks will continue, and many will be successful. While security professionals should try to prevent a breach, it's far more critical to uncover breaches quickly and mitigate damage.

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Another significant trend for expanding current security measures to better protect data in the cloud and to address the security shortcomings of the Internet of Things. Even while fighting daily security fires, security managers can expect boards of directors to show more interest in their efforts. Board members are keenly aware that breaches can be high-profile catastrophes for companies, and they are also concerned that the organizations they oversee are in compliance with new and more stringent regulations.

This whitepaper covers the latest and best security hygiene and common success patterns that will best keep your organization off the "Worst Breaches of " lists. This paper looks at the impact of mobility and new attack vectors on DNS-related risk and outlines use cases for securing DNS services more effectively. It also examines the use of a hybrid model of on-premises and cloud-based services to improve the security posture of organizations.

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Respondents' biggest challenges to effective implementation of cyber threat intelligence CTI are lack of trained staff, funding, time to implement new processes, and technical capability to integrate CTI, as well as limited management support. Those challenges indicate a need for more training and easier, more intuitive tools and processes to support the use of CTI in today's networks.

These and other trends and best practices are covered in this report.

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When it goes into effect, it can apply widely to various organizations, including those without a physical presence in the European Union.