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It is believed he was killed by members of the INLA. Fresh searches were carried out in after his family were told his remains were in a forest in Normandy, but they found nothing.


Human remains found during a search, were confirmed as those of Seamus Ruddy. France remains confirmed as Disappeared victim Ruddy. Remains confirmed as Disappeared man. Eamon Molly was abducted from his home in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast in July , after being accused by the IRA of being an informer. It was claimed he was quartermaster in one of the IRA's three Belfast brigades and that his activities forced the IRA into calling a ceasefire that year.

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His body was discovered in a coffin left at Faughart graveyard near Dundalk, County Louth in after IRA intermediaries passed information to the commission for the location of the victims remains. He had first gone missing a few days beforehand, but returned 48 hours later, beaten and distraught. His parents made him give back the money and it seemed the matter had been "resolved", but when he failed to return home from work soon after, his family began to fear the worst.

The year-old was a friend of Brian McKinney and went missing at the same time. His body was also recovered at the same site. Body finds encourage searchers. The widowed mother-of was killed in After numerous searches, the year-old's remains were finally found at Shelling Hill beach in County Louth in August Body is that of 'Disappeared' victim. IRA 'was wrong' over bodies issue. Remains discovered in the Wicklow mountains in November were confirmed as his.

It followed two previous unsuccessful searches in and for his remains. Family of IRA victim 'at peace'. The year-old father-of-five from Crossmaglen in south Armagh went missing on his way to Mass in For years his wife left the key in the front door, believing he would come home, but he never did.

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Kevin McKee, the teenager found in Coghalstown bog, was abducted after being recruited by British intelligence. Weeks later he called his mother and asked her to bring clothes to a house in Monaghan, across the border. She arrived to be told that he had left, and to take the clothes back home to Belfast. At night she would wake her five remaining children and take them on to the streets to stop cars and check their boots. She left meals for him in the airing cupboard.

She went in and out of mental hospitals. Cruel is not the word for it. Vera McVeigh was another mother who never recovered from the loss of her son. Columba was 19 and had learning difficulties. Months later he vanished. Vera persuaded herself he had gone to England or America. For years she bought him birthday presents, wrote him Christmas cards and kept his clothes in a wardrobe. She cried whenever she played Galway Bay on a music box he had given her. He chose not to tell his ageing parents. I thought, what benefit is it for me to tell them? I wanted to protect my mother and father.

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The information would have come from him and through him. Days later he and a year-old accomplice, John McClory, disappeared. In an act of supreme cruelty, someone sent her a Christmas card each year — purportedly from her missing son. But in the end McKinney, a small but gutsy former school cleaner who is now 84, became the scourge of the IRA. She, as much as anyone, forced it to admit its barbarity. In the IRA declared a ceasefire. McKinney started visiting the Wave trauma centre, and with its encouragement began speaking out on the previously taboo issue of the Disappeared.

Other families followed her lead and launched a concerted campaign to get their loved ones back. The fear that had muzzled them for decades evaporated. The culture of silence was finally broken. She told her story. Clinton was appalled. He had not heard of the Disappeared. Neither the information, nor evidence acquired from the graves, could be used in criminal prosecutions. Within days the remains of Eamon Molloy, an alleged informer, were left in a new coffin beneath a sacred tree in a rural cemetery in County Louth.

Expectations soared.

The Irish police launched numerous searches based on confidential information, often relayed through priests. The families mounted vigils at the sites, holding prayer services and leaving rosaries and flowers.

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They prepared their homes for wakes, painting rooms. The IRA had omitted Armstrong from its list, either from shame at his utterly unwarranted abduction or because it had not been sanctioned by the leadership, but even his family gained hope after his widow was sent — anonymously — a hand-drawn map of his supposed burial site in a bog just across the border. But the discoveries petered out.

It was hard to live with. They introduced proactive and scientific methods.

Families of the Disappeared

They reached out to possible informants. In May , Seyran Mamedov, who was convicted in of assisting a relative of a Novemberist to flee the country, was released when he served his sentence in full. Another name removed from the list is Gulgeldy Annaniyazov, who served in March his year sentence in full, having been kept in total isolation from the outside world all this time.

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As the term expired, Annaniyazov was now freed, instead, he was illegally placed in internal exile in a remote village and was allowed some very limited visatations from the family. The prison terms of a number of individuals on the list have already expired or will expire in the near future, and there is a high risk that they will be given new sentences on fabricated charges.

This makes the issue of disappearance in prison more urgent than ever.